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Computer Generated Images

As the demand for engaging audiences with innovative moving content continues to grow, the use of CGI (Computer-generated images) has understandably followed suit. Through the provision of novel products, access to otherwise unreachable environments, hyper-realistic animations, and advanced technologies and talent pools, it is no wonder brand ambitions are higher than ever. From conception to final production, creative agencies help their clients navigate through the ever-changing CGI world to attain the unattainable.

With CGI technology and 3D artists becoming more widely available, the associated costs now rival those of photography, with economies of scale favouring CGI. A 3D model can be adapted to various environments once it is produced, whereas photographs must be reshot, incurring extra costs. A major benefit of CGI is that marketing assets can be created before physical production, allowing swift promotion in various channels, such as 360 animations, virtual and augmented reality, games, and other applications.

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