Online & Offline Editing

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Online and Offline video editing

Offline video editing is when the raw footage is transcoded to a lower resolution that can be used for editing. This is the storytelling phase, where the editor can focus on the pace of the story, the timing of cuts, and the communication of emotions.

Online video editing is the finishing stage, and the low-resolution files are reconnected with the original, full-quality footage. During this phase, colour correction, effects work, audio, and final titles are incorporated into the film. Upon completion, the film is ready to be exported.

To begin this process, all full-resolution files will be imported and won’t be returned to until the offline process is complete. The next step is transcoding, meaning, converting the raw, high-resolution files into offline, low-resolution copies.

When footage is transcoded to lower resolution the original quality of the footage remains intact. The lower quality copy is just one the editing system can work with. In the case of 4k, high-definition footage will still be what is used.

When both the client and agency are satisfied, the script is sent to the media agency for approval. Broadcasters must follow strict guidelines and are prohibited from transmitting misleading, harmful, or offensive ads. Once the script has been approved, the production process begins. This involves making choices about the director, talent, music, location, and styling.

During the offline process, transcoding the media to half the originals’ pixel size is what is recommended. If 4K was shot, that means 1920*1080. Though many sources recommend using Pro Res 422 HQ, Pro Res 422 Proxy codec provides simpler usage, with negligible difference in quality in the offline stage.

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