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Web banners

Rich media banners in advertising is the use of media types other than static images in digital web banners. Audio, video, animations, and interactive functions all present creative avenues for creating digital content and enhancing consumer engagement. Nowadays, as consumers become increasingly prone to ignoring advertisements, static web banners are consistently overlooked. It is therefore important to create engaging ads that stand out from competitors. Whereas static banners have only one clickable item, rich media banners offer several ways to interact with the advertiser.

HTML5 Banner ads

HTML5 is the current standard for internet browsers and is the language that web pages and banners ads are coded in. Crucially it ensures complete visibility on both desktop and mobile platforms which was previously a challenge. This allows for much smaller file sizes and faster loading times than before and will ensure the target audience won't leave the page before the ad has loaded. With rich media banners becoming increasingly data-heavy, high-speed performance is crucial. HTML5 banner ads also allow for enhanced engagement within the ad allowing the view to interact with the ad even to the extent of playing games within the ad. This added engagement has shown to have an increased click through rate which is ultimately the goal of banner ads.

HTML5 web banners can be hard coded or created using Google Web Designer. This has the added benefit of being able to export directly for use on Google Display AdWords. Both of these are the most commonly used tools for creating HTML5 web banners.

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