Creative Production

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Creative production

Creative agencies are paid top rates to develop creative campaigns. This often means a lower percentage of the marketing budget being spent on the production process. This process can include the transformation of creative assets into high-impact tactical material, media formatting from existing visuals, the resizing or repurposing of assets to other media channels, preparation of print-ready data, subtitling of videos and more.

There are several reasons for working with creative marketing production, transcreation and localisation experts, such as making savings by maximising economies of scale, sharing and leveraging already localised assets across markets rather than independently creating them, higher MROI, protection and centralisation of assets, brand consistency, higher control of local marketing outputs, among many others.

Creative production services and operational models derive themselves directly from customer needs and are put into place to maximise ROI. Systems, processes, capabilities, and approaches should be constantly fine-tuned through quantitative and qualitative feedback. Simply put, the agency should work as an extension of the brands team rather than just a supplier.

Equally essential is that big ideas are honoured, even when localised. An international account management and production team should tailor each idea to its respective markets without compromising the integrity of the message. Synergy within the agency allows amplification of the idea from brief to production, taking the creative vision to any market.

This process demands innovation and excellence, pushing the integration of quality checks within the workflow. A quality management team should continuously challenge and improve work and services.

Optimising efficiency is a major challenge in any marketing production department and must be done to maximise client savings through production expertise, creative input, workflow optimisation, end-to-end portfolio of services, and strategic, cost effective location. Clients can then formulate their budgets more effectively through transparent and standardised prices per deliverable.

Overseeing the delivery of assets across multiple markets and in multiple languages can be a challenge. Add in that end assets must be customised and tailored to the end-users, and a multitude of versions are possible. Well established production processes ensure the efficient creation of locally relevant assets that are consistent with the overall brand.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital Asset Management or DAM allows simple, safe, and swift access to marketing assets. The storage of photos, graphics, videos, and other rich media assets can be realised in one centralised location, typically in the form of a cloud-based data solution. This enables setting individual permissions for assets, giving your clients, agency, and colleagues access to your entire marketing asset library. Without DAM, files are prone to disorganisation, necessitating manual input from staff which forfeits time and money. DAM also encourages correct usage of brand assets (for example, logos) so that your final creative assets stay on brand.

For example, the agency may be given permission to edit files for creative production while giving the client viewing only access. By limiting the number of people with editing privileges, the files will be more secure from accidental changes. The organisation of files according to set preferences will render finding files more straightforward for all involved. Storage of files spans ideation to delivery with each marked accordingly with its status. Those marked final can be automatically shared with the client.

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