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Hiring Transcreators

2nd August 2020
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Hiring transcreator

The first step in hiring is understanding your needs. Do you need transcreation or do you need translation. To understand this we will breakdown the differences between the two.

”Translators and transcreators are used for very different projects. Understanding the difference is key in assuring the correct outcome.”


Firstly it is crucial to determine whether or not the transcreator is proficient in both the source and target language. It is not sufficient to have lower or conversational levels of proficiency, they must be fluent. Also if your source text is industry specific it can be a good idea to check the transcreators portfolio to see if they are also industry proficient, i.e do they know medical terms if your client is a pharmaceutical company. Ask for examples of their writing and have it checked by a native speaker. Secondly determine the level of creativity in the transcreator writing. Although they do not need to match the same level of creativity as a copywriter would, when it comes to sayings, plays-on-words, rhymes ect, they must be able to creatively translate into the target language in a way that maintains the original tone of the copy. This may mean changing a word here and there or in some cases complete rewrite.


Translators are not required to have a creative input to the text however they are required to be fully proficient in the languages they are working in. The lack of creativity required is based on the type of copy a translator is likely to be working with. For example the types of work you will most often see in a translator’s portfolio are long texts such as manuals, ebooks and below-the -line marketing. These texts tend to be informative rather than emotional and therefore a direct translation is sufficient. Translation is also cheaper than transcreation which is why it is often used for larger texts and below-the-line marketing where there is less importance given to the tone of voice.

Translators and transcreators are used for very different projects. Understanding the difference is key in assuring the correct outcome for the target copy and that the client receives the best value in their marketing copy.

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