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Advertising to 8 second attention spans

6th November 2020
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Advertising to 8 second attention spans

The rise of the Internet and smart phones has brought a plethora of information straight to our fingertips. These days, people are glued to their phones – which offer them quick and unlimited access to endless streams of entertainment and social media feeds. We can access whatever we want, whenever we want, and the eternal scroll means users often skim through content for the most convenient experiences. In the era of unlimited choices, information overload, and reduced attention spans, users tend to only engage with significant content and filter out the rest. What does this mean for marketers, and how can they make sure that their message cuts through the competition?

”In the era of unlimited choices, information overload, and reduced attention spans, users tend to only engage with significant content and filter out the rest.”

Clear creative production

Shrinking attention spans mean that viewers are likely to ignore content that is overly complicated or that they have to work too hard for. Give your audience a direct concept that adds value from the start. Whether it’s an exciting description or image or a sought after solution, the clearer and more assertive your creative production is, the more likely it will stick.

Insert visual elements

Aesthetically pleasing visuals will not only capture your viewer’s attention, but also increase their retention compared to standalone text. When using visual aids, think bold, colorful, and emotive. Striking photos, graphic design, videos, or motion graphics can all help you make the most out of your quick engagements. In fact, users are known to spend more time viewing these when browsing the web than plain text formats.

Keep your digital content short and sweet

On social media, people have grown accustomed to getting information in small, easily digestible bites. Choose one clear, main idea, and add a compelling hook to entice your viewers. Whether it’s a text, photo, or video, make sure your message is immediately absorbable. And if you want to share more information, consider splitting your social media content into more than one post to make it more user friendly.

The same rules go for your online newsletters. Less is more here, so keep your content straightforward, concise, and easily scannable. Place your message at the forefront, and consider using bullet points to break down the content into more accessible chunks. If you’re able to leverage the power of visual content, you can make your newsletter even more engaging.

Make it personal

In a time when consumers are constantly exposed to ads, personalization can help you stand out from the crowd. Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is a great way to do this. DCO allows you to gather consumer information that will help you create more personal, relatable content that will resonate. By really knowing and speaking to your viewers, you’ll be able to hold their attention by giving them something that others can’t.

Optimize for mobile

Nowadays, most people use their smart phones for browsing the web, scrolling through social media content, and even checking their emails. It’s become one of the most popular ways to quickly consume information, so make sure that your content is optimized for mobile viewing so that you don’t miss out on a portion of your target audience.

Brand consistency is key

When it comes to your media plan, try to follow the rule of 7. Think of it as a sort of exposure therapy – the more people are exposed to your brand and message, the more likely they’ll take action. Take advantage of a mix of media formats and media delivery channels to reach viewers on different platforms and stay top-of-mind. And make sure to keep brand consistency at the core of your messaging so that you are instantly recognizable and trusted.

These are just a few guidelines that will help make your pages come to life and create snackable content that’s eye-catching, relevant, and easy to consume. With so much information being thrown at us at every turn, effective advertising must not only take into account length, but also aesthetics, relevance, and necessity. In the noisy online environment, this can pose a challenge, but also provides brands with new opportunities for creativity and making long lasting connections.

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